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How it Wotks
1) ONE TIME ACCESS CODE – the first time you login to the new system, you will be asked to confirm your account through an SMS code sent to you mobile phone. You may not be able to login until you confirm by entering the SMS code. If the phone number on your account does not correspond to a mobile phone, please change it as soon as possible.

2) INSTANT Sweepstakes - all new signups will have the chance to participate in an instant sweepstake as soon as they are signed in for the first time. This gives them the opportunity to be a winner immediately after signup. There are lots of options to stake for. Free points will be awarded during signup and you can use those points to start winning.

3) MLZ DEALS – we are providing another option called DEALS; here you can use your points to make a promotional purchase. Your token validates you to purchase from this option

4) LOCATION BASED DEALS- products are now offered based on location. As you move around from state to state or from location to location, you may be able to see different offers that are only visible to users in that location.

5) GOAL SETTING – if you see a product you like but do not qualify to purchase it, you can keep an eye on it by setting a goal on it. The system will make that product available in your rewards dashboard so you can monitor it. When you meet the condition for the product you are watching or for the goal you set for yourself, the system will send you a friendly reminder so you can keep on winning.

6) TOKENS Sweepstakes – now you not only get a token by referring someone, but you can also win a token through sweepstakes.

7) PREMIUM Sweepstakes – premium purchases are now open to anyone who refers 5 persons or more.

8) ELITE MEMBERSHIP – it is no longer your referrals that determine your elite membership but the number of points you have. Elite status is maintained by continued participation in the program during the year. When you login, you will be shown your status and how many points you need for the next elite status.

9) EARNING POINTS – points are now more valuable than before. Although it may take a little longer to earn them, but the good news is that you will be able to obtain more with your points. Referring people remains the fastest way to earn points. You get at least 500 bonus points for each person you refer.

10) POINTS REDEMPTION – you can now redeem your points for cash in your local currency or donate them to your favorite charity organization. When you donate your points, they will be converted to the local currency and given to the selected charity organization in your name.